Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

General Sentence

Uncle, Good Morning

Good morning Rahul

What are you doing?

I am playing chess

What is the matter?

I am going to market. Could you come with me?

Yes, I could come with you.

Which vegetables do you buy?

I buy cucumber, onions, leafy vegetables.

Which vegetables do you buy?

I buy brinjal, carrot, capsicum.

What will be the cost of Carrot?

May be Ten Rupees per 250g.

I eat food

I am eating food

I have eaten food

Can I take the book?

Could you give the pen?

I will meet you tomorrow.

Ravi, go and bring the milk packet.

Go and pay the current bill.

Call your grand mother.

Serve the Curry.

Mother is cooking food.

My father is watching TV.

What did you do yesterday?

I had gone to the village yesterday.

How is you study?

Good. I am studying well.

Are you understanding this?

Yes, I am understanding this.

Is this clear to see?

Yes, That is clear to see.

Come regularly.

Don't shout.

Don't come late

Come early

Write neatly

Do smart work

Prepare well

See there

I have completed my work

Shall I go to wash room?

Shall I bring the duster?

Would you give the Pencil?

Who have Two pencils?

Are you reading?

Are you writing?

Are you going?

Are you sleeping?

Are you fighting?

Are you eating?

Are you drinking?

Are you going?

Are you coming?

Are you disturbing?

Are you running?

Is he eating?

Is he writing?

Have you completed lunch?

Have you eaten food?

Have you drunk water?

How are you?

I am fine.

Which book is this?

Whose book is this?

How is this?

What is this?

Where is this?

Where is that?

When did you do this?

Come here

Go there

take this

 write down

read this

please sit

turn right

bring that

see here

look at the board

go slowly

come fast

remember this

Do you take?

Do you write?

Do you eat?

Do you play?

Do you read?

Do you come?

Do you go?

Do you see?

Do you listen?

Do you talk?

Do you drink?

Do you sit?

Do you stand?

Do you keep?

Do you give?

Do you bring?

DO you ask?

Do you tell?

Do you walk?

Do you run?

Do you buy?

Are you asking?

Are you telling?

Are you writing?

Are you reading?

Are you drinking?

Are you eating?

Are you seeing?

Are you running?

Are you playing?

Are you seeing?

Are you talking?

Are you sitting?

Are you standing?

Are you coming?

Are you going?

Are you shouting?

Are you listening?

Are you buying?

Are you keeping?

Are you taking?

Are you bringing?

Are you giving?

Are you going?

Are you doing?

Have you asked?

Have you told?

Have you written?

Have you done?

Have you drunk?

Have you eaten?

Have you seen?

Have you read?

Have you run?

Have you played?

Have you talked?

Have you sat?

Have you stood?

Have you shouted?

Have you listened?

Have you bought?

Have you kept?

Have you taken?

Have you brought?

Have you given?

Have you gone?

Did you ask?

Did you tell?

Did you write?

Did you do?

Did you drink?

Did you eat?

Did you see?

Did you read?

Did you run?

Did you play?

Did you talk?

Did you sit?

Did you stand?

Did you come?

Did you shout?

Did you listen?

Did you buy?

Did you keep?

Did you take?

Did you bring?

Did you give?

Did you bring?

Did you go?

Did you keep?

Were you asking?

Were you telling?

Were you writing?

Were you doing?

Were you eating?

Were you drinking?

Were you seeing?

Were you reading?

Were you running?

Were you playing?

Were you talking?

Were you sitting?

Were you standing?

Were you coming?

Were you shouting?

Were you listening?

Were you buying?

Were you keeping?

Were you taking?

Were you bringing?

Were you going?

Had you asked?

Had you told?

Had you written?

Had you done?

Had you drunk?

Had you eaten?

Had you seen?

Had you read?

Had you run?

Had you played?

Had you talked?

Had you sat?

Had you stood?

Had you shouted?

Had you listened?

Had you bought?

Had you kept?

Had you taken?

Had you brought?

Had you given?

Had you gone?

Will you ask?

Will you tell?

Will you write?

Will you do?

Will you drink?

Will you eat?

Will you see?

Will you read?

Will you run?

Will you play?

Will you talk?

Will you sit?

Will you stand?

Will you come?

Will you shout?

Will you listen?

Will you buy?

Will you keep?

Will you take?

Will you bring?

Will you give?

Will you bring?

Will you go?

Will you keep?

Will you be asking?

Will you be telling?

Will you be writing?

Will you be doing?

Will you be eating?

Will you be drinking?

Will you be seeing?

Will you be reading?

Will you be running?

Will you be playing?

Will you be talking?

Will you be sitting?

Will you be standing?

Will you be coming?

Will you be shouting?

Will you be listening?

Will you be buying?

Will you be keeping?

Will you be taking?

Will you be bringing?

Will you be going?

Will you have asked?

Will you have told?

Will you have written?

Will you have done?

Will you have drunk?

Will you have eaten?

Will you have seen?

Will you have read?

Will you have run?

Will you have played?

Will you have talked?

Will you have sat?

Will you have stood?

Will you have shouted?

Will you have listened?

Will you have bought?

Will you have kept?

Will you have taken?

Will you have brought?

Will you have given?

Will you have gone?

know = తెలుసుకోవడం

I           know
నేను తెలుసుకుంటాను

I         do not    know
నేను   చేయను తెలుసుకోవడం

నేను తెలుసుకోవడం చేయను

నేను తెలుసుకొను

  I            knew 
నేను తెలుసుకున్నాను

నాకు తెలుసు

I         did not       know
నేను  చేయలేదు తెలుసుకోవడం

నేను తెలుసుకోవడం చేయలేదు

నేను తెలుసుకోలేదు   (నాకు తెలియదు)