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Stand Verb Forms in English, Stand answers and Questions

Stand Verb Forms

Stand Verb Forms in English

Stand Answers and Questions


Verb 1 :  stand / stands

Verb 2 :  stood

Verb 3 :  stood

Verb 4 :  standing


Nenu ikkada nilabadathaanu.

I will stand here


Nenu ikkada nilaabadanu.

I will not stand here


Nenu ikkada nilabaduthunnaanu.

I am standing here


Nenu ikkada nilabaduthalenu. (nilabadatlenu) (nilabadadam ledhu)

I am not standing here


Nenu ikkada nilabaddaanu

I stood here


Nenu ikkada nilabadaledhu.

I did not stand here.




Nuvvu ikkada nilabadathaavaa?

Will you stand here?


Nuvvu ikkada nilabadavaa?

Won’t you stand here?


Nuvvu ikkada nilabaduthunnaavaa?

Are you standing here?


Nuvvu ikkada nilabaduthalevaa? (nilabadatlevaa?) (nilabadadam ledhaa?)

Aren’t you standing here?


Nuvvu ikkada nilabaddaavaa?

Did you stand here?


Nuvvu ikkada nilabadaledhaa?

Didn’t you stand here?



Nuvvu ekkada nilabadathaavu?

Where will you stand?


Nuvvu endhuku nilabadavu?

Why won’t you stand?


Nuvvu endhuku nilabaduthunnaavu?

Why are you standing?


Nuvvu endhuku nilabaduthalevu? (nilabadatlevu?) (nilabadadam ledhu?)

Why aren’t you standing?


Nuvvu ekkada nilabaddaavu?

Where did you stand?


Nuvvu endhuku nilabadaledhu?

Why didn’t you stand?


Subject     Verb 1     Verb 2     Verb 3     Verb 4
                  stand     stood        stood     standing

      I               stand             stood         stood       standing
   నేను       నిలబడతాను   నిలబడ్డాను    నిలబడి     నిలబడుతూ

నేను నిలబడతాను(nenu nilabadathaanu)
I stand

నేను నిలబడుతున్నాను(nenu nilabaduthunnaanu)
I am standing

నేను నిలబడ్డాను(nenu nilabaddaanu)
I stood