Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

TeluGlish | Class 1 | lessons 1, 2

Class – 1

Lesson – 1
Amma  - Mother

Lesson - 2
Naanna -  Father

Lesson – 3
Akka  -  Elder Sister

Lesson – 4
Anna - Elder Brother

Lesson – 5
Chellelu  - Younger Sister

Lesson – 6
Thammudu - Younger Brother

Lesson – 7
Badi  - School

Lesson – 8
Kirana shop -  Kirana Shop 

Lesson – 9
Aasupathri - Hospital

Lesson - 10
Kooragaayala Market - Vegetable Market

                    Lesson – 1
                 Amma (Mother)

Amma prathiroju aidhu gantalaku nidhralesthadhi

Mother wakes up at 5'o clock everyday

Amma bayata oodusthadhi

Mother sweeps outside

Amma ginnelu kaduguthadhi

Mother washes bowls 

Amma annam vanduthadhi

Mother cooks rice

Amma battalu uthukuthadhi

Mother washes clothes

Amma vantagadhilo undhi.

Mother is in Kitchen.

Amma kooragaayalu kosthundhi

Mother is cutting vegetables

Amma annam vanduthundhi.

Mother is cooking rice

Amma illu shubhram chesthundhi

Mother is cleaning house 

Amma kooragaayala market ki vellindhi.

Mother went to vegetable market

Amma intiki thirigi  vacchindhi.

Mother came back to home

Amma lunch box siddham chesindhi

Mother prepared lunch box

Questions :

What did Mother prepare? (Amma em siddham chesindhi?)
What is Mother cleaning?  (Amma em shubhram chesthundhi?)
Where is Mother? (Amma ekkada undhi?)
In Which time does Mother wake up every day?  ( Amma a samayamulo nidhralesthadhi?)
What does mother cook? (Amma emiti vanduthadhi?) 

Fill in the blanks :

Mother is ____ the kitchen.
Mother is _______ house
Mother sweeps ________
Mother ______ back to home.
Mother _______ rice


Mother is cleaning clothes
Mother is cooking kitchen
Mother washes          rice
Mother is in          vegetables
Mother is cutting            house

Missing Letters :


                        Lesson 2


Naanna aidhu gantalaku nidhralechaadu.

Father woke up at 5'o clock 

Naanna brush chesaadu 

Father brushed 

Naanna snaanam chesaadu

Father did bath

Naanna tiffin chesaadu 

Father did tiffin

Naanna idli thinnaadu

Father ate idli

Naanna office ki veluthunnaadu

Father is going to office.

Naanna bike naduputhunnaadu

Father is riding bike

Naanna saayanthram intiki vasthaadu

Father will come to home evening

Naanna tv veekshisthaadu

Father will watch TV 

Naanna kirana shop ki velathaadu

Father will go to kirana shop 

Naanna intiki thirigi vasthaadu

Father will come back to home

Nanna paper chadhuvuthunnaadu

Father is reading paper

Questions :

When will Father come to home? (Naanna eppdudu intiki vasthaadu?)
Where is Father going?  (Naanna ekkadiki veluthunnaadu?)
What will Father watch? (Naanna emiti veekshisthaadu?)
What did Father eat?  ( Nanna em thinnaadu?)
What is Father riding? (Nanna em naduputhunnaadu?) 

Fill in the blanks :

1.    Father will go to __________ shop.
Father is _________ bike.
Father ______ bath.
Father will watch _______.
Father is  ________ paper.


Father will come back to tiffin
Father is going to kirana shop
Father did         brushed
Father will go to         home
Father                     office

Missing Letters :

I___ li.
Wa___ ch.