Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

general sentences in everyday use

There is not duster

Can I leave one line?

Don’t tell anything

Improve your hand writing?

Is it clear to see?

Leave one line and write

Why is coming sound?

What are you talking?

I told but she did not write

Wait, stand there

Go slowly

Go fastly

Go speedly

Don’t do sound

Don’t talk

Fold your hands

Who are talking?

Two boys are talking

Stand outside

When I am talking then write this

You left some pages

Is it correct?

Write fastly with good writing

Are you writing?

I show you later

How many over see once?

Did you complete?

Did not you complete?

Did you have pen?

Did not you have pen?

Whose book is this?

Write from here

Your book

Your’s book

Why are you talking?

Shut your mouth?

Leave two lines and write neatly

Don’t waste my valuable time

Why are you coming to school?

Why did not you write?

You did not give the answer

Do not tell over over

After completed read sentences

Leave one page

Write good hand writing

You both are taling

Don’t talk with others
This girl is talking

This girl is crying

What can I do for you?

I am replacing one word

They are pushing

Do not rub 4th question

Ok, I do not rub 4th question

Shall I drink water?

Ayesha is working from here to there

I write with my pencil

Asmitha, Where did you go?

I went to near Principal sir?

Bell rang

Write the diary

Stand on the bench

Did  you write your diary?

Complete your home  work

Why are you laughing?

She is beating

Why are your tearing paper?

Shall I drink water?

Shall we go outside?

What are you doing?

What are you Writing?

Did you know?

What is your name?

How old are you?

Get ready for the meditation

Which class are you study?

What is your school name?

What is your father name?

What is your mother name?

Where is your house?

I have one doubt

Shall I go to near social sir?

Where are you going?

Where is your book?

Where are you going?

She broke her combox

What is the time now?

Did English sir come today?

Is there weekend test?

Did you complete fair notes?

Don’t  throw papers in the class?

Don’t waste the water when you are drinking?

Don’t wast food

Hold your lunch box with left hand

Why did you change place?

Where is your place?

Don’t talk

Sit right

Don’t come inside

Keep you surroundings clean

Why did you wear chappal?

Where is your tie and belt?

Sit two members in each bench.

Who are there?

Who are singing?

Don’t tell bad words.

Do meditation correctly.

Concentrate on breathe

Sit straight

Maths sir took the duster.

What is this?

What is that?

What is here?

What is there?

How is this?

How is that?

How is here?

How is there?

Where is this?

Where is that?

Where is here?

Where is there?

When is this?

When is that?

When is here?

When is there?

Which is this?

Which is that?

Which is here?

Which is there?

Why is this?

Why is that?

Why is here?

Why is there?

Who is this?

Who is that?

Who is here?

Who is there?

Don’t talk

Don’t rub the board

Sir is here

If anybody talk

PET sir beat you

Sir , when do you take video?

Learn ansers

Remember this

You are not learning

Do not come late

Come early

Are you seeing?

Can I sharp my pencil?

Look here

Sit straight

Do concentrate

Take breathe

I did not comple

I completed

I did not complete

I went to toilet

I read

I did not read

I did not go

I came

I did not come

Think and write

Do not do this again

If you have interest do this

What you are writing write neatly

What are your writing?

I write but need some time

Buy suitable pen for good hand writing

There is your book. See, is there?

Did you see?
Where he is.

Write from here

Go in line

Do not break the line

This boy is giving

Please, come early

Open and read or write

You are not talking in English

He is telling lies

I am not telling lies

You are fighting

He is taking my pencil

I am giving five minute time to complete your home work

Shall I drink outside sir?

Shall I take this?

Shall I get in sir?
Shall I bring chalk piece sir?

Shall I come in sir?