Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

Let's have dinner || ఇక భోజనం చేద్దాం

Let's   have      dinner
ఇక     కలిగి ఉందాం డిన్నర్
 1               3             2

ఇక డిన్నర్ కలిగి ఉందాం

Let   do   dinner
 ఇక  చేద్దాం డిన్నర్
  1      3         2

ఇక డిన్నర్ చేద్దాం

Which is the correct in both sentences?

Please, I am requestig you, learn each and every word meaning in Your mother language to talk in English. Then, talk in English. Many mistakes are in English language.

We are talking in English withought meaning.

We are learning wrongly and talking wrongly.

Learn correctly and Talk correctly.