Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

5 - Teacher and Student conversation

Teacher -  I am conduction slip test now. Every student should open slip test note book.

Student - Ok Madam, May I write in rough note book?

T - No, Do not write in rough note book

S - Teacher, I did not have slip test note book. What should I do now?

T - If you did not have slip test note book then write in paper

S - Ok teacher

T - If you did not know how to talk in English. Please ask me. I tell you how to talk in English

T - Who did rub this board?

S - This girl rubbed this board.

T - She did not write. Why did you rub the board?

S - I did not see that she wrote or not.

T - Do not rub again

S - Ok, Madam