Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

Teacher talks in School

Where are you writing?

don't write in the note book

Every student should write in the paper

leave some space after every question

Do not forget to write question numbers to each question

Bring your all items which you use in the class

Do any work which you have now

Tear this paper. this paper may useful later.

collect all answer papers and put in note book or in file

Do not see and Do not show

You should complete fair notes now.

See, who are doing cheat

Maintain the class correctly

No need to bring your fair notes to the class.

I tell you when you should bring to class

Do not tell over over

Give this note book to her

Cover that answer paper with note book

Do not see and write

Who have interest they learn but others do not learn

Don't tear papers

Why are you tearing papers?

This boy is cheating and writing

Don't do sound

Don't come sound

May I drink water?

ok, drink water

Did Telugu sir come today?

Yes, Telugu sir came today

Why do not you take this book?

i do not like that so i do not take that

May I come in sir?

Yes, come in

Is this your book?

Yes, That is my book

Are you going to home?

No, I am not going to home

Do you take this class?

Yes, I take this class

Which period now?

Now 3rd period

Write question and give some space to write answer

Are you seeing on the board?

Yes, I am seeing on the board

Is it clear to see?

No, That is not clear to see

Are you understandi this lesson?

Yes, I am understandi that lesson

Are you lestening what i am telling?

Yes, we are listening

Be seeing this website

Be seeing on the board

(keep seing on the board) This sentence is wrong

(Keep silent) this sentence is wrong

Be silent

(Keep quiet) This sentence is wrong

Be quiet

Are not you understanding this?

No, I am not understanding this

What is reason to did not understand?

Is there any reason to did not understand?

listern carefully then you understand correctly

Don't see in the book

Did you see in the book?

No sir, I did not see in the book.

If you did not have pencil then ask others

We learned the topic

Did you know how to read the lesson?

Yes, I knew how to read the lesson

Why are you crying?

These two boys are fighting.