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see verb forms, see answers and questions

see verb forms.

Subject     Verb 1     Verb 2     Verb 3     Verb 4
                 see           saw         seen       seeing

   I                 see          saw          seen        seeing
  నేను        చూస్తాను    చూసాను     చూసి.     చూస్తు

Verb 1 - see/sees

Verb 2 - saw

Verb 3 - seen

Verb 4 - seeing

నేను ఇది  చూస్తాను(nenu idhi choosthaanu)
I will see this.

nenu idhi choodanu.
I will not see this.

నేను  ఇది  చూస్తున్నాను(nenu idhi choosthunnaanu)
I am seeing this.

nenu idhi choosthalenu. (choodatlenu) (choodadam ledhu)
I am not seeing this.

నేను ఇది  చూసాను(nenu idhi choosaanu)
I saw this.

nenu idhi choodaledhu
I did not see this.

nuvvu idhi choosthaavaa?
Will you see this?

nuvvu idhi choodavaa?
Won't you see this?

nuvvu idhi choosthalevaa? (choodatledhaa?) (choodadam ledhaa?)
Aren't you seeing this?

nuvvu idhi choosaavaa?
Did you see this?

Nuvvu idhi choodaledhaa?
Didn't you see this?

nuvvu eppudu idhi choosthaavu?
When will you see this?

nuvvu endhuku idhi choodavu?
Why won't you see this?

nuvvu elaa idhi choosthunnaavu?
How are you seeing this?

nuvvu endhuku idhi choosthalevu? (choodatlevu?) (choodadam ledhu?)
Why aren't you seeing this?

nuvvu eppudu idhi choosaavu?
When did you see this?

nuvvu endhuku idhi choodaledhu?
Why didn't you see this?