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Basic Spoken English in School


Open your note books 

I did  not bring note book 

Where is your note book ?

My note book is at home 

Write in another note book

Which note book?

Write in rough note book

Ok, sir,

Please, sit

Where were you yesterday?

I was in class

go and bring attendance register

Which class register should I bring?

You should bring 7th class register.

Where is 7th class register?

7th class register is in office room

He fell down

He got wound

go and bring spirit and cotton

there is box 

take that box and open

wet some spirit to cotton and keep on wound


Is my hand writing good?
Yes, your hand writing is good

My wish 

Don't rub

Is this your basket?
Yes, this is my basket

Teacher, may I write copy writing?
Yes, you may write copy writing

Where is that girl place?
That girl place is there

Did you have eraser?
Yes, I did have eraser

If You don't write answer, you will be punished.

Did your  mother bring basket?
Yes, my mother Did bring basket 
No, my mother Did not bring basket 

What is your curry to day?
My curry is potato

If you want to write, write now
Otherwise sit silently.

Girls changed place

Did ayamma ring the bell?
Yes, Ayamma did ring the bell 

Is this yours?
Yes, this is mine
No, this is not mine 

If you have any doubt, ask me
I will help to you.

Who will bring your basket?
My father will bring my basket.

Why didn't you do home work?
I did go to village. So, i did not do home work.

Teacher, May I sharp pencil?
Yes, you may sharp pencil.

Did you beat this boy?
No, I did not beat this boy.

This boy did tell, that boy did beat me.

Did you tell lie?
No, I did not tell lie.

Did you write all?
Yes, i did write all

Be silent

Don't disturb me 

Are busy?
I am busy 

Whose pencil is this?
This is my pencil.

Where did you keep pencil?
I did keep pencil in my bag.

Why is your pencil there?
This girl did take my pencil and put there.

Did ayamma ring bell?
Yes, ayamma did ring bell.
No, ayamma did not ring bell.

Did you have eraser?
Yes, i did have eraser
No, i did not have erase 

Who did have eraser?
This boy did have eraser.

Give your eraser

Take my eraser
I will give your eraser in a minute

Your wish. 

What is the time now?
Time is 1pm now.

Sir, I did not write question

Take break

Don't go fastly

Go slowly.

Is my science note book here?
No, your science note book is not here.

Did you see my text book?
Yes, I did see my your text book here.

Where is my text book?
Ramya did take your text book.

Ask her, give sneha text book.

If she will not give, i will come and ask.

Did Ramya give my text book?

Yes, Ramya did give your text book.

Who did take my text book?
This girl did take your text book.

Should  I write answer in the note book ?
Yes, you should write answer in the note book.

Be silent and read.

Should I write this answer in the paper?
Yes, you should write 

I did write two answers in the answer sheet.

Teacher, give one answer sheet

Are you leader?
Yes, I am leader

Come here 

Can you read this?
Yes, I can read

Read from here 

How many lines did you read?
I did read three lines

Did you know reading?
No, I did not know reading 

Where is duster?
Duster is there

Where is chalk piece?
Chalk piece is here.

You girl, come here 

Is your birthday today?
Yes, my birthday is today

Will you celebrate your birthday?
No, I will not celebrate my birthday.

Are you getting pain in hand?
Yes, i am getting pain in my hand.

Did this boy fall down?
Yes, this boy did fall down

Did this boy get wound?
Yes, this boy did get wound on leg.

I told to this boy, go slowly.

This boy did not listen my talks.

This boy did fall and get wounds.

Is this true?
No, that is not true.

He told, that is true.

He did tell lies 

How should I believe your talks?

Your wish sir. If you want to believe me, believe. otherwise don't believe me.

I am believing you now. 

Didn't you tell lies?
No, I didn't tell lies. 

If I know, you did tell lies. I will not believe you in the future.

Was bell rung?
Yes, Bell was rung by ayamma.

19 - 02 - 22

Did ayamma  ring the bell ?

 Yes ayamma did ring the bell
No ayamma Did not  ring the bell .

  Was bell rung?
 Yes  bell was  rung
No  bell  was rung .

Who  were  absent  yesterday ? 
This girl was absent yesterday .

How many times will you read?
I will read two times 

What is you roll number ?
My  roll number is two.
Ring verb forms.

 V1-ring /rings
V2- rang
V3- rung
V4 -ringing

Am I talking wrongly?
Yes, You are talking wrongly

What shuld I Write?
You  should write answer.

Who did break scale?
That boy did break scale.

Did you break scale?
No, I did not break scale

Was scale broken?
Yes, scale was broken.

Why did not you come to school yesterday?
I did not come to school yesterday

Come here

Come down

Write in dairy

Should I write diary?
Yes, you should write diary.

Give finger space and write 

Improve your hand writing 

Hand writing will change your life.

Should I write?

Can I write?

May I write?

Move from there.

Tell your date of birth.

My date of birth is 25-12-2000

Go fastly 

Maintain discipline

Your hand writing is very bad 

Didn't you know how to write good writing?
Yes, i did know.

Come inside

Go outside.

Ask me

I will help to you

That packet size is big but chips are less

Shall we go to hall afternoon?
We shall go to hall afternoon.

This boy is pulling my hand.

That girl is pinching

Why did you do that?

I am telling about him

He was in office room morning.

He did come to class now.

I am explaining

Did you join in the group?
Yes, i did join in the group

Teacher told, read text book

I want to join in the group

Will you add me in group?
Yes, i will add you in group
No, i will not add in group

Give this book to her 

Where should I keep these notebooks?
You should keep notebooks there.

You may sit hear

Hear is place 

I did write fastly

Whose eraser is this?
This is my eraser.

Open the water bottle cap and drink water

Replace the water bottle cap and keep there

Should I switch off the fan?
Yes, you should switch of the fan.

Wait sometime 

Are you thinking?
Yes, i am thinking.

Enough thinking

Need some water to drink

Where is my bag?
Your bag is there.

You are typing fastly.

May I go near Telugu Teacher?
Yes, you may go near Telugu Teacher.

Who did ask question?
They did ask question.

What is your question?
My question is, who will win the game?

Google team will win the game.

Must he be punished?
Yes, he must be punished

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Will it come 4th class group?
Yes, it will come in 4th class.

Did he push you?
No, he did not push me.

You should be silent.

Don't do sound 

Don't shout

Teacher said, write copy writing