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I married, I am married, I was married meaning in Telugu - How to understand English in Telugu

I married

నేను పెళ్ళిచేసుకున్నాను

Simple Past – Active Voice


I married

 S      V2




I am married

నేను పెళ్ళిచేసుకోబడతాను (నన్ను పెళ్ళిచేసుకుంటారు)


Simple Present – Passive Voice


 I    am married

 O   HV  V3




I was married

నేను పెళ్ళిచేసుకోబడ్డాను (నన్ను పెళ్ళిచేసుకున్నారు)


Simple Past -  Passive Voice


This was called

 O     HV    V3