Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

What is the reason to could not understand and talk in English


12 Tenses are in English. If you see in other languages, 3 tenses are in other language.

3 Tenses are correct. other 9 Tenses are wrong in English language. 9 Tenses are meaning less.
People are learning these 9 Tenses as mad persons because they didn't know real meanings of tenses.

Now, people are talking without correct meaning in English.

Helping Verbs are wrong in English

Helping Verbs meanings are wrong in English

No meanings to below words in English
తినిపించడం, త్రాగించడం, నేర్పించడం, చదివించడం, రాయించడం, మాట్లాడించడం, ఆడించడం, అరిపించడం, తీసుకెళ్ళడం  etc.

Above meanings are wrong in English.

Do you know?  This is wrong in English

Don't you know?  This is wrong in English

Do you have?  This is wrong in English

Don't you have?  This is wrong in English

Above four sentences are belongs to Simple Present but we should tell these sentences in Simple Past.
Like below

Did you know?

Didn't you know?

Did you have?

Didn't you have?

Above four sentences are correct.

Keep going.       This is wrong meaning in English

Keep watching.  This is wrong meaning in English.     

I researched on English language totally 3 years and found above wrongs.

Very bad matter is who are talking in English they didn't know what they talked.

Now a days English speaking persons are talking as mad persons because they didn't know real meanings.

For example :  Have it.       this is meaning less because this is the wrong sentence

Who are teaching English, they are telling, "talk correct or wrong in English"

Even English persons are taking wrong in English.

Anybody doesn't tell, "talk wrongly" but English teachers, Spoken English trainers are telling," talk wrongly"


Don't learn 12 Tenses.

Learn below 3 Tenses. These 3 Tenses are correct. These 3 Tenses enough to talk in English.

Simple Present    as     Future Tense

Present Continuous   as    Present Tense

Simple Past    as    Past Tense

If you learn above three tenses then you can understand and talk in English correctly without fear.

Now people are fearing about English language and Tenses because meaning less.

Only few people are talking as by had process.

If you see, Students are studying from KG  to  PG but They are not talking in English. They are studying in English medium.

If you want to talk in English.
One process is there that is Translation process.
Think in Mother language and Convert into other language.
This is the real process.