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Fight Questions and Answers

 Positive and Negative Question Words Questions.

Nenu eppudu kotlaadathaanu?

When will I fight?

Nenu endhuku kotlaadanu?

Why won’t I fight?

Nenu eppudu kotlaaduthunnaanu?

When am I fighting?

Nenu endhuku kotlaaduthalenu? (kotlaadatlenu?) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why amn’t I fighting?

Nenu eppudu kotlaadaanu?

When did I fight?

Nenu endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t I fight?


Memu eppudu kotlaadathaamu?

When will we fight?

Memu endhuku kotlaadamu?

Why won’t we fight?

Memu eppudu kotlaaduthunnaamu?

When are we fighting?

Memu endhuku kotlaaduthalemu? (kotlaadatlemu?) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why aren’t we fighting?

Memu eppudu kotlaadaamu?

When did we fight?

Memu endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t we fight?


Nuvvu eppudu kotlaadathaavu?

When will you fight?

Nuvvu endhuku kotlaadavu?

Why won’t you fight?

Nuvvu eppudu kotlaaduthunnaavu?

When are you fighting?

Nuvvu endhuku kotlaaduthalevu? (kotlaadatlevu) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why aren’t you fighting?

Nuvvu eppudu kotlaadaavu?

When did you fight?

Nuvvu endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t you fight?


meeru eppudu kotlaadathaaru?

When will you fight?

meeru endhuku kotlaadaru?

Why won’t you fight?

meeru eppudu kotlaaduthunnaaru?

When are you fighting?

meeru endhuku kotlaaduthaleru? (kotlaadatleru?) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why aren’t you fighting?

meeru eppudu kotlaadaaru?

When did you fight?

meeru endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t you fight?


athadu eppudu kotlaadathaadu?

When will he fight?

athanu endhuku kotlaadadu?

Why won’t he fight?

athanu eppudu kotlaaduthunnaadu?

When is he fighting?

athadu endhuku kotlaaduthaledu? (kotlaadatledu?) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why isn’t he fighting?

athadu eppudu kotlaadaadu?

When did he fight?

athadu endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t he fight?


aame eppudu kotlaaduthadhi?

When will she fight?

aame endhuku kotlaadadhu?

Why won’t she fight?

aame eppudu kotlaaduthunnadhi?

When is she fighting?

aame endhuku kotlaaduthaledhu? (kotlaadatledhu?) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why isn’t she fighting?

aame eppudu kotlaadindhi?

When did she fight?

aame endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t she fight?


idhi eppudu kotlaaduthadhi?

When will it fight?

idhi endhuku kotlaadadhu?

Why won’t it fight?

idhi eppudu kotlaaduthunnadhi?

When is it fighting?

idhi endhuku kotlaaduthaledhu? (kotlaadatledhu?) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why isn’t it fighting?

idhi eppudu kotlaadindhi?

When did it fight?

idhi endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t it fight?


vaaru eppudu kotlaadathaaru?

When will they fight?

vaaru endhuku kotlaadaru?

Why won’t they fight?

vaaru eppudu kotlaaduthunnaaru?

When are they fighting?

vaallu endhuku kotlaaduthaleru? (kotlaadatleru?) (kotlaadadam ledhu?)

Why aren’t they fighting?

vaallu eppudu kotlaadaaru?

When did they fight?

Vaallu endhuku kotlaadaledhu?

Why didn’t they fight?



Positive and Negative Answers

Nenu kotlaadathaanu

I will fight

Nenu kotlaadanu

I will not fight

Nenu kotlaaduthunnaanu

I am fighting

Nenu kotlaaduthalenu (kotlaadatlenu) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

I am not fighting

Nenu kotlaadaanu

I did fight

Nenu kotlaadaledhu

I did not fight


Memu kotlaadathaamu

We will fight

Memu kotlaadamu

We will not fight

Memu kotlaaduthunnaamu

We are fighting

Memu kotlaaduthalemu (kotlaadatlemu) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

We are not fighting

Memu kotlaadaamu

We did fight

Memu kotlaadaledhu

We did not fight


Nuvvu kotlaadathaavu

You will fight

Nuvvu kotlaadavu

You will not fight

Nuvvu kotlaaduthunnaavu

You are fighting

Nuvvu kotlaaduthalevu (kotlaadatlevu) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

You are not fighting

Nuvvu kotlaadaavu

You did fight

Nuvvu kotlaadaledhu

You did not fight


meeru kotlaadathaaru

You will fight

meeru kotlaadaru

You will not fight

meeru kotlaaduthunnaaru

You are fighting

meeru kotlaaduthaleru (kotlaadatleru) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

You are not fighting

meeru kotlaadaaru

You did fight

meeru kotlaadaledhu

You did not fight


athadu kotlaadathaadu

He will fight

athanu kotlaadadu

He will not fight

athanu kotlaaduthunnaadu

He is fighting

athadu kotlaaduthaledu (kotlaadatledu) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

He is not fighting

athadu kotlaadaadu

He did fight

athadu kotlaadaledhu

He did not fight


aame kotlaaduthadhi

She will fight

aame kotlaadadhu

She will not fight

aame kotlaaduthunnadhi

She is fighting

aame kotlaaduthaledhu (kotlaadatledhu) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

She is not fighting

aame kotlaadindhi

She did fight

aame kotlaadaledhu

She did not fight


idhi kotlaaduthadhi

It will fight

idhi kotlaadadhu

It will not fight

idhi kotlaaduthunnadhi

It is fighting

idhi kotlaaduthaledhu (kotlaadatledhu) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

It is not fighting

idhi kotlaadindhi

It did fight

idhi kotlaadaledhu

It did not fight


vaaru kotlaadathaaru

They will fight

vaaru kotlaadaru

They will not fight

vaaru kotlaaduthunnaaru

They are fighting

vaaru kotlaaduthaleru (kotlaadatleru) (kotlaadadam ledhu)

They are not fighting

vaaru kotlaadaaru

They did fight

vaaru kotlaadaledhu

They did not fight



Positive and Negative Helping Verbs Questions

Nenu kotlaadathaaanaa?

Will I fight?

Nenu kotlaadanaa?

Won’t I fight?

Nenu kotlaaduthunnaaanaa?

Am I fighting?

Nenu kotlaaduthalenaa? (kotlaadatlenaa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Amn’t  I fighting?

Nenu kotlaadaanaa?

Did I fight?

Nenu kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t I fight?


Memu kotlaadathaamaa?

Will we fight?

Memu kotlaadamaa?

Won’t we fight?

Memu kotlaaduthunnaamaa?

Are we fighting?

Memu kotlaaduthalemaa? (kotlaadatlemaa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Aren’t we fighting?

Memu kotlaadaamaa?

Did we fight?

Memu kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t we fight?


Nuvvu kotlaadathaavaa?

Will you fight?

Nuvvu kotlaadavaa?

Won’t you fight?

Nuvvu kotlaaduthunnaavaa?

Are you fighting?

Nuvvu kotlaaduthalevaa? (kotlaadatlevaa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Aren’t you fighting?

Nuvvu kotlaadaavaa?

Did you fight?

Nuvvu kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t you fight?


meeru kotlaadathaaraa?

Will you fight?

meeru kotlaadaraa?

Won’t you fight?

meeru kotlaaduthunnaaraa?

Are you fighting?

meeru kotlaaduthaleraa? (kotlaadatleraa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Aren’t you fighting?

meeru kotlaadaaraa?

Did you fight?

meeru kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t you fight?


athadu kotlaadathaadaa?

Will he fight?

athanu kotlaadadaa?

Won’t he fight?

athanu kotlaaduthunnaadaa?

Is he fighting?

athadu kotlaaduthaledaa?(kotlaadatledaa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Isn’t he fighting?

athadu kotlaadaadaa?

Did he fight?

athadu kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t he fight?


aame kotlaaduthadhaa?

Will she fight?

aame kotlaadadhaa?

Won’t she fight?

aame kotlaaduthunnadhaa?

Is she fighting?

aame kotlaaduthaledhaa? (kotlaadatledhaa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Isn’t she fighting?

aame kotlaadindhaa?

Did she fight?

aame kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t she fight?


idhi kotlaadathadhaa?

Will it fight?

idhi kotlaadadhaa?

Won’t it fight?

idhi kotlaaduthunnadhaa?

Is it fighting?

idhi kotlaaduthaledhaa? (kotlaadatledhaa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Isn’t it fighting?


Did it fight?

idhi kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t it fight?


vaaru kotlaadathaaraa?

Will they fight?

vaaru kotlaadaraa?

Won’t they fight?

vaaru kotlaaduthunnaaraa?

Are they fighting?

vaaru kotlaaduthaleraa? (kotlaadatleraa?) (kotlaadadam ledhaa?)

Aren’t they fighting?

vaaru kotlaadaaraa?

Did they fight?

vaaru kotlaadaledhaa?

Didn’t they fight?