Author(Writer):- Rudra Venkateshwarlu, MA. English, Spoken English Researcher since 7 years, Founder of Spoken English Hub, Nalgonda. Competitive English Trainer

Spoken English - 49

( without verb sentences)

ఆమె అక్కడ ఉంటది

She will be there 

ఆమె అక్కడ ఉంది

She is there

ఆమె అక్కడ ఉండెను

She was there 


( with verb sentences)

She will be going

She is going 

She was going


I will love you

I will not love you

I am loving you

I am not loving you

I did love you

I did not love you


Let see

Let talk

Let write

Let tell

Let ask

Shall we see?

Shall we talk?

Shall we write?

Shall we tell?

Shall we ask?

Help in eat

Help in drink

Help in read

Help in write

Help in walk

Help in learn

Help in talk

They are thinking to tell

They did think to see

She is thinking to talk

She did think to ask